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Mudflat walking in Noordoost Fryslân

You set off from the mainland near Paesens in the early morning and head for Ameland. You see the rising sun, the changing skies and the water receding to reveal sandbars. Along the way you come across seals, mussel beds, cockles and other marine life. You walk ankle-deep in mud and occasionally wade through deeper channels. You feel the sea breeze blowing through your hair, you taste the briny sea air and the only thing you hear are the sounds of the birds around you.

Mudflat walking is a great way to discover the overwhelming natural beauty and rich flora and fauna which the Wadden Sea (a world heritage site) has to offer. Go on an active trip led by an experienced guide or enjoy the mudflats in peace during a Zen meditation session.

Up to your ankles in mud

Mudflat walks are organised from several coastal resorts in Noordoost Fryslân. You can book a place on a walk at:

Stichting Oan 'e dyk
Achterwei 1
9136 PX Paesens
0519 850299 / 06 46633989

Wadloopcentrum Fryslân

Meditation on the mudflats

The vast expanse of the Wadden area has an intensely tranquil effect which can be conducive to meditation. Zen teacher Anshin Tenjo Schröder will guide you to a unique part of the Wadden area, will help you connect with your inner self in the peaceful surroundings, and teach you to experience the same in any situation. Stichting Oan 'e Dyk organises these unique Zen meditation sessions on the mudflats.